Ramp building

Would you like to join a group where the fellowship is as great as the ministry that is performed? If so, the First Baptist Church ramp building team may just be the exact place for you to join into the ministry of our church. “Well,” you might say, “I really don’t have the skills or tools necessary to be a part of this team.” That’s no problem! The men who make up this team are not only great servants, they are great teachers as well. They will encourage the “less skilled” by giving them complete instructions, tools, and hands-on guidance in the construction process. You will come away from your project enlightened with skills that you did not even know you had—and, at the same time, you will be performing a much needed ministry in our community.

A number of years ago, several of the men of our church decided that they wanted to specialize their construction talents into a ministry venue that was much needed in our community. These men began constructing wheel chair ramps that would be used to allow those wheel chair bound persons in our community access into and out of their homes. Our church works closely with social service agencies and physical rehabilitation workers to assess the needs of each home and project that we undertake. Persons receiving ramps at their homes are encouraged to assist in the cost of the materials (only) for the ramp, but that is by no means a requirement. That assistance only allows us to construct more ramps. Each ramp is built not only to suit the family that is being served but also to ADA standards. In other words, these guys are good!

If you are interested in being a part of our ramp building team, please contact Bob Harrell at baharrell@windstream.net.