We seek to be a missional church in all that we do. Our goal through our missions ministries at First Baptist is to answer our calling to serve God’s hurting people, particularly those who live on the “margins” of our society. We are also deeply concerned with building authentic relationships between communities and among God’s people. We are deeply committed to incarnating the love of God from the sanctuary to the street corner and everywhere in between.

We seek to be a missional church in all that we do. What is a missional church though? Dr. Daniel Vestal writes, “A missional church is one that incarnates the life and ministry of Jesus Christ and thus extends God’s mission in the world. It is filled with the Spirit so that it proclaims good news to the poor and release to the captives. It receives the unconditional love of God, so that it can reflect the unconditional love of God. It follows Jesus in personal and corporate life and practices the disciplines necessary to be followers. Then it invites others to follow Jesus as fellow disciples. It seeks the Kingdom of God and serves the Kingdom of God above all else. It is global in its vision and incarnational in its ministry. It embraces the suffering of people and identifies with the poor.”

Which core value is it that guides the community ministries and missions vision of First Baptist Dalton?

Is it . . .

  • Intentional Missions (“We share the love of Christ by meeting the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of the community and world.”)
  • Genuine Witness (“We are salt and light in the world, following the example of Jesus by constantly sharing the love of God through our words and actions.”)
  • Integrity of Salvation (“We believe salvation through faith in Jesus Christ is available for everyone and through it all of life is transformed.”)

In reality, these core values do guide our missions vision at First Baptist Church, but each of our core values point us to the prime calling that is ours to be a people on mission.