Local Missions Partnerships

An obvious statement must be made as we think of local missions at First Baptist Dalton:
“You don't have to go around the world to do missions.”

At FBC Dalton, we believe that our mission efforts begin the moment each Sunday when we exit the doors of our church. We understand the importance of building community and authentic relationships, one event at a time, events that may not make the local newspaper or “World News Tonight,” but small things that do change our world in a very special way.
Click on the links below and you will get a small sampling of some of the local missions efforts that are undertaken by the members of FBC Dalton —all with a goal in mind of creating authentic relationships with those around us so that they might see clearly through us the “Light” of Jesus Christ! If you are interested in participating in any of these missons please contact Suzanne Hooie.  

Click on the Words for More Info:
Here are more local missions partnerships:
  • Community of Hope
  • Share Your Christmas - annual event with the Food Bank and Channel 9 held in FBC Dalton's parking lot to benefit the Dalton Branch of the Chattanooga area Food Bank.
  • Lydia's Market - This is a market held on the Downtown Open House weekend with the intent of featuring handmade gifts.