Founded in 1987 by a few local churches, DOC-UP still operates to provide assistance for Whitfield County residents with rent, utilities or prescription costs when a temporary financial crisis threatens health or housing.  Our support now comes from 25 area churches of numerous denominations, grants, local businesses, and compassionate individuals who contribute regularly to this ministry. Volunteers contribute more than 1800 hours each year to meet with their neighbors and learn about the issues affecting them.  Our organization uses a screening and interview process, keeps records and partners with other agencies to avoid creating dependence. 

Where are we?  1007 S. Thornton Ave. Dalton, GA 30720  Send mail to: P.O. Box 904 Dalton, GA 30722

When are we open? Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, 9:00-11:30 a.m. Applicants should call 706.529.9000 to schedule appointments.  This process allows us to pre-screen for qualifications, saving applicants’ time and transportation costs.

What do we require? Applicants must be residents of Dalton/Whitfield County, provide government-issued identification cards, Social Security cards of every household member, proof of income, and proof of residence in Whitfield (at least 3 months). Complete utility bills, a landlord form, or a doctor’s prescription(s) are also required.

Whom do we serve? We serve people who work hard or are severely disabled. Each may be assisted once per calendar year for a total of 3 years to avoid dependency. Payments for rent, utility bills, or medicines are sent directly to the vendor.  Many clients come because of high medical bills, job changes or lost work hours.  

How do we operate? We operate on the principle that clients should not need to surrender their dignity to ask for help. Whether or not we offer financial assistance, our goal is to give clients a positive encounter with the community of faith.   We teach classes like Cooking on a Budget, Growing Vegetables in a Bucket, Weatherization or Budgeting that empower applicants to make positive changes in their daily lives.  A dedicated volunteer team prays for confidential requests submitted by applicants, and our clients benefit from care kits of toiletries provided by our friends and church partners.  

As responsible stewards of our funding, DOC-UP is a qualified 501(c)(3) non-profit.  Our assistance checks are written directly to providers. Our organization partners with a local accounting firm for continual compliance and oversight.

What’s in it for you? Participate with us in Local Missions!  Contact us at docup.dalton@gmail and check our website at   We have space for volunteers, prayer partners, and donors.