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What Do I Do Now??

Hey, everyone!  This is a strange time for all of us as we are practicing social distancing and trying to stay healthy, but that doesn't mean you can't continue learning and having fun with your preschooler!  Children this age learn best through play and that's what we do at the CLC!  We found some fun resources that our family can do at home. I have also included some links to a few of the fun songs that we do at school that will get your preschooler moving!  We are praying for a safe and healthy time for all of our CLC family during this closure.  We will continue to post new resources for your to use. 

Join us for Virtual Spirit Week since we can't celebrate together!  

April 20 - Music Monday - Pajama Day - Wear your pajamas and show us your dance moves!  Send us a video of you and your family dancing together or making music at home.

April 21- Tasty Tuesday - Silly Sock Day - wear your silly socks and create a healthy snack and learn how to follow a recipe with your child!  Send a picture of your creation and your silly socks!

April 22 - Work Together Wednesday - Hat Day - Put your hats on and work together with your family to make a fort!  Send a picture or video of the masterpieces that you create!

April 23 - Artsy Thursday - Tie Dye Day - Be artists and get creative!  Make pictures, sculptures, towers or create a mural.  Think outside the box with the materials you use and send a picture!

April 24 - Family Friday - Wear your favorite color - Get the family together for a family game night or activity.  Take a picture with your family and send it to us!

Our very own Creative Arts Guild has developed content online call the Guild Pass.  Click here to learn more about it. 

Need to burn some energy?  Here are some great kids workouts!

LEGO Anyone? Here is a website that lists 25 different ways to incorporate learning with LEGO!

Click Here are more fun LEGO activities! 

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Click here for a list of great educational websites for your kids to use!

"Pigeon" author Mo Willems stopped by the Kennedy Center and had some fun!  Watch it here! There are new videos daily and a live reading at 1:00pm.

Reading is important at all ages!  Our friends at Scholastic have given everyone free access to their digital library!  Click here to access this great resource.

Cooking with your kids covers many different academic areas like math and science!  Camp Kitchen is a paid resource for a 5 day cooking "school" to do with your kids.  If you don't want to pay, you can always just make a recipe you are familiar with!

Activities By Age:

2 year olds

Your kids love to be read to!  Reading a book is a great way to help them keep learning.  Go on a color/shape/letter/number hunt in your house or outside.  Use some paper or old mail to write the item that they are looking for and place them around the house for a scavenger hunt!

3 year olds

Click on these links for more activities!

4 year olds is one of my favorite websites for great pre-k games and learning activities. You can pick from different themes or choose different learning areas that you may want to talk about.  We just finished talking about the jungle and were going to be talking about dinosaurs, St Patricks Day and the season of spring.  Feel free to center activities around these themes or anything that your student is interested in.  As always, practicing letter and number recognition is helpful.  

The weekday program is a ministry of First Baptist Church. We believe that the Bible clearly teaches the priority of family ministry. It is out of that belief that our fellowship is committed to this purpose. Our weekday program seeks to provide a stimulating and loving Christian environment to meet each child's needs and abilities. We work to provide growth in all areas of the child's development: physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual.
The Children's Learning Center provides an environment in which each child is encouraged to actively participate in the learning process. We involve the total child through daily opportunities to play, investigate, and express ideas. Children are provided with opportunities to make appropriate choices and to express themselves. Children are encouraged to develop self-help skills and to accept responsibility. We believe that this encourages a positive self-concept. We seek to build the child's faith by developing an awareness of God and His love for us, both through teaching and by example.
Our curriculum is based on the Georgia Early Learning Standards in the areas of physical development, emotional and social development, approaches to learning, language and literacy development, and cognitive development. Our teachers use the faith-based Wee (Weekday Education) Learn Program to help meet these standards, but are in no ways limited to this program. A variety of techniques and teaching ideas are utilized. And because young children learn so much through music, our program offers daily experiences with music and movement. You may find a copy of the learning standards at
Our three and four-year olds have a weekly chapel program on Wednesday which is led by our music teacher and our church organist. Our ministerial and professional staff lead in our chapel services by presenting a Bible story during this time.
We have a highly qualified staff which includes both certified teachers and teachers who have earned Child Development credentials. All of our staff is required to take additional training in child care yearly in order to meet state licensing requirements.

To enroll your child in the Children's Learning Center, please submit a completed enrollment application form, along with the non-refundable registration fee, to the Center office.

Before your child can begin the preschool and/or childcare programs, one parent or guardian is required to attend a parent orientation session, complete all enrollment records and submit a certificate of immunization.
For further information regarding our Center and its programs, please contact the Children's Learning Center office at:
First Baptist Church
P.O. Box 827
Dalton, GA 30722-0827
Phone: (706) 226-3906
Fax: (706) 226-7729